Shadow Lamps

In 2015, I was inspired by the immersive installation by Anila Quayyum Agha, “Intersections”, to create a household version of (what I now call) Shadow Lamps. Beginning as just me, a trial version of an illustration software and a 60W CO2 Laser, I began cutting.

What you see here is a culmination of countless bulb variations, connector designs, hours over a slow moving laser and long weekends art fair vending.

I consider this to be a peek into both hemispheres of my brain. My left side is ruthlessly logical. I was restless until I achieved sharp, far-casting shadows. Iterations of assembly methods, component curation and quality all stood tall. My right side loves form. Not only did I get to explore geometry, but I could also discover the power of patterns. First, how they interacted with the space, but increasingly so about how they make people feel. They’re romantic and calming. They feel young, but also sophisticated.