About me

I like to think of myself as a rare engineer that leverages the creative and emotional side of the brain. Don’t get me wrong: I adore engineering fundamentals, often still finding myself scribbling down equations and breaking out my college textbooks. Yet, when given the opportunity, I will seize every chance to touch the form of a part or process. For example, engine appearance/NVH covers are notoriously designed in silos. Design studio determines form, engineering determines function, and neither want to hear about the other. I, on the other hand, live to experience both.

When I’m not engineering, I’m either shucking oysters, playing guitar, renovating where I live, playing chess, helping on a film/photography set, cooking with my girlfriend, consuming a entrepreneurial media diet, learning Italian, lifting weights, planning post-pandemic world travels…


Mass Production

My experience in the automotive industry put millions of components over dozens of part numbers on the road. Each component had different performance requirements utilizing cross-discipline collaboration to execute with world class delivery and precision.

Applied Engineering Software

At each position I’ve found myself throughout my career, I consistently find myself becoming fluent in the company’s applicable engineering software.

As a graduate assistant at Western Michigan University, I was tasked with learning a number of engineering software like ANSYS Fluent and various manufacturing energy consumption software.

At GMB a+e, I quickly became a champion in Autodesk Revit; so much that I ended up publishing papers and presenting at multiple conferences.

While at Ford, I learned to model intake manifold air pathways, programmed MATLAB analysis scripts and helped develop internal program management software.