Official Trailer for Bliss Burger.
This is easily the biggest project I’ve ever worked on in film. The network of filmmakers I befriended in Detroit was like gravity: I was bound to fall in. The producing I did on previous projects (shown below) gave me the incredible opportunity to work on this amazing film. The success it has seen on the film circuit should not be seen as mine, but the true collaboration and hard work of the team.

Maul was cowritten and directed by myself and a great friend, Jack Anderson. Stay tuned for the release of this fun, quirky short!

A play on “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, I somehow found myself on the set of one of Detroit’s most renowned MC’s, close friend of J. Dilla: Elzhi. I was initially tasked with fabricating the helmet you see in the thumbnail, but ultimately played a role in the film and assisted on set with direction, production and set design.

Long time friend Peter Herold, my truest connection to the film network in Detroit, wanted to test his new car mount. We made a trip out to my local shoe tree and shot this on a hot summer day.