In 2011, I was recruited by GMB architecture and engineering in Holland, Mi. During my graduate assistantship, I had an eclectic experience that fit the position well: thermodynamics, green manufacturing and sustainability, computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer and acoustics. Little did I know, I was going to be introduced to an industry that I would feel so passionate about.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a modeling process that not only changed the way a building was designed, drawn and published, but it also becomes a living representation of the building. I immediately latched on to the concept, visualizing the future of building life cycles.

I would utilize Autodesk Revit to model HVAC systems, leveraging the advanced design tools that were often underutilized and overlooked. This required deep knowledge of the tool and its nuances, but provided incredible power to the user throughout the design process. Duct and hydronic design became automated. Collaboration with other disciplines became streamlined. I presented at Autodesk University and the Revit Technical Conferences with my strategies, sharing my experience with other industry professionals seeking to advance their education.